Dec 20, 2011

ISCA stuffs

I forgot to post my stuffs I drew at ISCA convention in Florida!!!
Here you go!

Dec 6, 2011


I drew this for Studio piece of ISCA convention.

I got "the best studio piece"! Thank you!

I wish you enjoy it!

Nov 27, 2011

2011 ISCA convention in Florida

I just came back from "2011 annual ISCA convention in Florida".

This time 150 artists gathered from around the world!
They drew each other for 4days!
However it was hard to sleep because there were many great models & fun time!
It give me a new inspiration & motivation every time.

I Fortunately got a Golden nosey !!

Thanx to this society I've got a many foreign friend regardless of nationality.
It's a miracle!!
I could feel that we are thinking & feeling SAME thing.
See you again guys!!

My Wall

Sep 13, 2011

Live sketch

I made a short movie of retail sketch.
Thanx to "Windows Movie Maker" I edited it easily;)
I hope you enjoy it!!

ISCA minicon in Osaka 2011

Hi, everyone!

I organized ISCA Japan!
& we gave ISCA minicon in OSAKA this summer.
First of all I appreciate for them who came to "dangerous&expencive"Japan.
Still a hundred artists gathered!

Fortunately this minicon was supported by Osaka prefecture university & Sakai city.
They provided the venue & assistant payment as research funds of caricature.
But YES We expect those experience will bring this society a NEW wave.

& This experience let me notice to run the convention is too hard work..Oops:(
Anyway,,, see you guys in Florida!!

About ISCA Japan
*You can see all artist's walls.

May 1, 2011


A lot of things happend recently to me.
As you know, we still have some problem because of earthquake.
But Tokyo has been almost recovered.
Thank you all for praying for Japan.

Now I'm working as ISCA JAPAN president.
We will give the mini con in Osaka on July 4-7.
I hope many foreign artists will join it!

I draw this illustration for promoteing it on the cover of ISCA issue named 'EF'.
Have you already got it?

Those are 'step by step' process for it.
I hope you'll enjoy!


If you are interested in ISCA mini con in Osaka 2011, check out this website.

or on Facabook page


I'm so excited to meet you guys on July in Osaka, Japan!!!

Jan 14, 2011

some commision works

I've forgotten to post my work recentry:(
These are some commision works.

He is a famous Alpine skier,
and she is also famous Mogul skier in Japan.
Their friends presented it for their wedding.
I guess they like it!

(With photoshop)
She is my little sister.
They got married in Okinawa :)

He is the Mayor of Atami City, Japan.
His photo is here.
Atami is one of the hottest hot spring area:)

I wish I could go to the Cripple Con.
Have a crazy time, everyone!

Jan 5, 2011


Happy New Year!
This is the year of the rabbit in Chinese astrology.
It is interesting story.
When Japanese people watch a full moon,
that crater's figure looks like a rabbit making the rice cake.
That's why I draw this image.
Anyway, I hope you guys had a great new years day!