Jan 14, 2011

some commision works

I've forgotten to post my work recentry:(
These are some commision works.

He is a famous Alpine skier,
and she is also famous Mogul skier in Japan.
Their friends presented it for their wedding.
I guess they like it!

(With photoshop)
She is my little sister.
They got married in Okinawa :)

He is the Mayor of Atami City, Japan.
His photo is here.
Atami is one of the hottest hot spring area:)

I wish I could go to the Cripple Con.
Have a crazy time, everyone!

Jan 5, 2011


Happy New Year!
This is the year of the rabbit in Chinese astrology.
It is interesting story.
When Japanese people watch a full moon,
that crater's figure looks like a rabbit making the rice cake.
That's why I draw this image.
Anyway, I hope you guys had a great new years day!