Jan 14, 2011

some commision works

I've forgotten to post my work recentry:(
These are some commision works.

He is a famous Alpine skier,
and she is also famous Mogul skier in Japan.
Their friends presented it for their wedding.
I guess they like it!

(With photoshop)
She is my little sister.
They got married in Okinawa :)

He is the Mayor of Atami City, Japan.
His photo is here.
Atami is one of the hottest hot spring area:)

I wish I could go to the Cripple Con.
Have a crazy time, everyone!

1 comment:

Marvin Lorenz said...

Wohoo! Really nice work,Tomo! Hope to see you in Florida...that would be my first trip to america and the first ever ISCA con. Anyway great work as always...
-Best from germany