Dec 20, 2011

ISCA stuffs

I forgot to post my stuffs I drew at ISCA convention in Florida!!!
Here you go!


Emily Anthony said...

Your work is amazing, Tomo. My favorite is Johanna---you really got her!

vhpayes said...

Wow! I was getting bored of looking at caricatures, until I saw this post. Your art is inspiring! Your works are like walking through the willy wonka factory and eating all the candy you can eat, yet I still want more!

Tomo Tabata said...

Thank you, Emily and vhpayes!

Wow, when you get bored it again, come back to my factory :)

Mr. Urzua said...

your paintings are
always so inspiring

Russ Cook said...

Great art, Tomo - love the way you approach your subjects...then nail 'em!

Tomo Tabata said...

Thank you, Andy & Russ!
You both also always inspire me!