May 1, 2011


A lot of things happend recently to me.
As you know, we still have some problem because of earthquake.
But Tokyo has been almost recovered.
Thank you all for praying for Japan.

Now I'm working as ISCA JAPAN president.
We will give the mini con in Osaka on July 4-7.
I hope many foreign artists will join it!

I draw this illustration for promoteing it on the cover of ISCA issue named 'EF'.
Have you already got it?

Those are 'step by step' process for it.
I hope you'll enjoy!


If you are interested in ISCA mini con in Osaka 2011, check out this website.

or on Facabook page


I'm so excited to meet you guys on July in Osaka, Japan!!!


Nate said...

your are great, this is my favorite cover

Klaas Op De Beéck said...

I absolutely agree! best cover EF as had! Great Job Tomo!!

Seo Kim said...


Tomo Tabata said...

Thanx guys!!
I enjoyed drawing that.
I'm happy my work was on the cover;)

mannyfresh said...

I love seeing the process of peoples art. This is so great Tomo.

DGV said...

Great work as usual! I love this cover! :D

Russ Cook said...

Great art, man - love yer style.

Paul B said...

Wow! I love your art Tomo!
what do you use for painting?