Sep 13, 2011

Live sketch

I made a short movie of retail sketch.
Thanx to "Windows Movie Maker" I edited it easily;)
I hope you enjoy it!!


vhpayes said...


Paul B said...

Hi Tomo! That was incredible!
I love your caricatures and your painting.
What kind of paint do you use in this live caricatures? watercolour?
Could you please tell me more about your painting process?

Thanks for putting your awesome stuff on the net!

Andy said...

Tomo - Thanks for showing this video! It is so much fun to see the process of making these paintings. How much time did each painting take?

Tomo Tabata said...

Thank you folks!!
I usually use watercolor on the Japanese square paper.
(In only a part I want vivid color, I use gouache.)
It takes 15min each;)