Mar 25, 2010

New 3D stuff

This is my recently work of 3D for wedding.
I enjoyed to make it very much!


Nori Tominaga said...

unbelievable! what materials did you use for this? How long did it take. Fantastic work

Mick said...

everything here is marvellous

ioo said...

Nice stuff! It's maybe funny to work like that for wedding.Congratulation!!!

tomo said...

thanx guys!
It's Clay resin.

【#pan】 said...

Hi,Tomo, thank you to asking me about the minicon. I am so sorry to say that I am not able to come this time. It is unfortunate to miss this change to meet you, but I hope you guys have fun! I am looking forward to go next time.

Anyway,your artwork always amzing.:)

Marion said...

They are great Tomo! You should enter the 3d competition this year in Las Vegas!

tomo said...

It's pity~.Let's look for another chance;)

Thank you.
Haha~That's good idea.