Mar 10, 2010

Do you know the Studio Ghibli?

These are my recently commision works.
They love the Ghibli caractors therefore I drew them like these.



I also love the Ghibli works!


Derek Edwards said...

Great job with the Totoro and Ponyo pieces. You should check out "My neighbors the Yamadas" also by Ghibli studio.

ioo said...

Great tribute for awesome drawing!!

Nori Tominaga said...


tomo said...

Thanks all!

Oh, I should check 'Yamadas'.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Nice ones, Tomo! I still have to see "Ponyo", but I've seen his other movies.
Great stuff.

Russ Cook said...

Great work, man! Love your versatility and style. Great colours in the Ponyo piece. Will be checkin' in!