Mar 18, 2009

Crazy trip

Early March, Andy Urzua and Jeremy Stock went back to their home. They stayed in my house for one month and we had a awesome time! We went to several crazy spots to meet Japanese friends, and talked a lot about caricature, each cultures and everything with simple English.
It's miracle for me! If there were no NCN(ISCA) and caricature, it might be impossible. I must appreciate them.
And also.... Thanx for coming to Japan, Andy and Jeremy. See you in OHIO!


A.M.Bush said...

Hi Tomo, great english! I'm glad you guys had a fun time.

Derek Edwards said...

I like the picture on the bottom! Very Nice.

tomo said...

Really? Thanx!
I wanna talk more with you guys~!

It was crazy rain at there..
But now,That's Good memory

Mr. Urzua said...

good times, i be back this summer for three months

hahaha just joking

thanx again Tomo, Yuko

miss you guys

see you in ohio
come to san diego

tomo said...

Thanx too.
OK see ya this summer! haha!

Yeah I wanna go to SanDiego someday:)