Feb 21, 2009

Mini con in Tokyo

This week, the mini con in Tokyo held in Asakusa.

I spend a awesome time!! He is JERO, the winner.

Here's my works in mini con.

And these are crazy works of my favorite artists.
Check it out!

Here's a painting by JERO.

Here's a painting by miki.

Here's a painting by Shinichiro Hashimoto.

Here's a painting by Chihiro Kagami.

Here's a painting by Yuko Tabata(Zengo), my wife.

Here's a painting by Ryohei Yamashita.

Here's is a painting by Tom.

Here's a painting by Midori Hayashi..

Here's a painting by Yasushi Ito.


A.M.Bush said...

Oh man, those are all really nice.

KEV said...

yeah those are really good!

martinus said...

These are amazing! You and your friends are doing a great job!

Marion said...

Thanks for posting, they're awesome!

Skim said...

Amazing stuff Tomo!!

Also love the one of you by Jero. Thanks for sharing!

Nate said...

I love your work, your pretty damn good.

tomo said...

Thanks guys!!

If you guys come to next minicon, you'll be able to
meet and draw some crazy people:)
I hope you guys could come
next time...

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Great stuff as usual, Tomo. That one by Jero of you is great! It looks just like your style. Have you guys known each other a long time?

I'd love to go to the next one, if I have any money- which is rare for an artist in this country.

tomo said...

Thanx Dan,
Yeah, I've known him a long time.
I'm inspired by him very much.

And it's same thing over here,
I must get extra money for OHIO.. he he:)

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Hai- wakarimashta!
Hopefully we will both be there next November- then we can say "Ohio Gozaimas, Ohio!" EVERY morning... and it will be funny every single time.

Mr. Urzua said...

yo a dork dan....lol

hey tomo thanx for having me, man it was great.

i found my free ticket for ohio, so i think i will be there this year.


i will prepare myself


Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Watashi toppyoushimonai gaijin!! ;-]

tomo said...

Sounds great!
I also have to prepare myself.
See u soon.

Yeah,Let's say OHAYO~Ohio!

chris chUa! said...

fantastic work, as usual, Tomo! my favorite is the one of Court, hee hee. makes me laugh :)

tomo said...

Thanx chris!
hehe, I have to try debbo again..

Niall O loughlin said...

The one of Court and his girlfriend is amazing!!

Aaron said...