Jun 16, 2010

Korea Mini Con

I visited Korea for ISCA Korea Mini Con.
I got a great experience.
There were a lot of events, not only drawing each other but also some seminars, concerts and tightrope walking that we would be able to know well about Korea culture. I really don't know how they could this amazing mini con at the small cost.
Probably they help each other as a volunteer.

This time I got the 1st place and some awards.
I have no words to thank them.
I feel I have to treasure this memory and friendship in future.
I'll absolutely visit to Korea again!

These are my works.


Skim said...

Amazing work, and congratulations!!

tomo said...

Thank you!
I wish I could meet you in Korea.

Marlo said...

I love your work, Tomo!!! you are the best caricature artist ever!!!!!

tomo said...

No way~!!!
I'm not worthy of your prizies..
Thank you marlo^^;

Sam Gorrie said...

Yeah Tomo!!!!

Klaas Op De Beéck said...

Congratulations Tomo!
You're the best!

sussman said...

very cool work! i like your style

Aaron said...

Amazing caricatures. Such imaginative perfection.