May 17, 2010

Some retail works

These are my recently retail works.
There are many foreigner visiting to Tokyo Tower in Japan.
I'm lucky to be able to draw many kind of face there.

BTW I will visit to Shanghai with my wife from tomorrow to this weekend.
I'm soooo excited!


Dylan said...

hey tomo,

amazing work as always! are you going to shanghai to see expo? I'm coming to tokyo august 15-29, i hope i can see you there!

tomo said...

Thanx!I just come back home.
That's great news!
Let's hang out!!

kanishk said...

i love your work.
PPC Advertising India

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

I KNOW I run the risk of saying "all us Black guys look alike" but this Dude's caricature LOOKS LIKE ME! LOL!