Jan 21, 2010

trying to draw new stuff

Now I'm drawing " The God Father".
Here is some of sketches using photoshop.

BTW I wanted to join the Cripple Con!


Derek Edwards said...

I absolutely love the top picture finished Abe Vigoda. The cast has so many great faces.I cant wait to see your finished piece with all the characters put together. When you told me you were watching the Godfather, it made me wanna watch them again. I couldnt help trying to draw Brando.

A.M.Bush said...

Hey I love the Godfather, I dunno if they have the book translated to Japanese, but it's really good. I wanted to draw the characters but based off of what I read. Great stuff as always. Haha, yea you sure missed out on a bunch of wild debauchery, you could have seen Jeremy in his underwear and Oakes in a dress.

Mr. Urzua said...

i heard we didnt miss much. not many people drawing. lots of drama afterwards from artist with no since of humor.

hey anne, those new years sketches tomo did look like different versions of you....lol

tomo said...

I saw your cool Brando. Yeah, I'll upload the finished piece soon.

I've never read that book.
Was it more fascinate than the movie? I wanna try reading that.
That sounds eccentric! But I've seen Jeremy in the underwear in my house.
ha ha ha.

Didn't you go there?