Nov 15, 2009

ISCA convention 2009!

I participated in ISCA convention in Ohio!
The hotel was huge, and there were many participants.
I tried to use the color drawing paper first time.
It was fun!
And also I tried to talk in English,
sadly it was difficult...
I should keep learning it :o
But I made friends with several talented caricaturist.
Thanks, guys!

Those are my works in the ISCA convension.


Skim said...

such beautiful and creative work! and amazing likenesses.

Tooninator said...

amazing performance!!!! It was great meeting you at the con :)

Guido Salimbeni said...

you are a genius!! thanks for sharing your art

【#pan】 said...

Tomo,Congratulations to the winners.:)

Nori Tominaga said...

fantastic! i love these all!

Anonymous said...

watashi saemee dayo!!^^
ucoto kunito jenin aitaiyo^^
rainen jehi kankoku kitene.``!!^^
a!! ucodake!!hahahahahaha
amerikade ate sugoku ureshikata.^^

Vincenzo said...

These are fantastic Tomo...congratulations on your well deserved recognition!!!

tomo said...

Thank you guys!
Soo nice to meet you again!
I enjoyed everything;)

Klaas Op De Beéck said...

Hahahahahaaa I still can't stop laughing when I see the face of Jert on a roasted Chicken!!! hahahaa
your work was amazing Tomo!

tomo said...

Thanks, dude.
You're works were beautiful!

Anonymous said...

octopus man is HILARIOUS! Brilliant!