Aug 5, 2009

Wedding Board

Recently, two caricaturists of my friends got married.

I drew their wedding board.
Some artists drew them.
So a lot of wedding board were displayed at hall.

A happy life together!

And he is ISCA member, Ryo.
You know him, don't you?


Derek Edwards said...

Those are awesome. I wish I had one at my wedding! How long does a wedding board usually take?

tomo said...

Thanx Derek-san.
It takes about 5~8hours.

Nori Tominaga said...

I'm speechless. Such nice, unique gifts. Great stuff!

vhpayes said...

These are all amazing! I need new friends.

tomo said...

Every artists drew same model,
but there are differences between each.Very interesting.

Skim said...

I am so inspired by you! awesome stuff!!

tomo said...

Thanx seo.
I'm always inspired by you:)

Marion said...

Great work Tomo.
I see many different styles on these wedding boards. Do they have so many artist friends who drew them as a wedding couple? If so, the overall view is amazing, they are very lucky with so many talented friends

KeelanParham said...

Really great work, Tomo. I am a big fan!

tomo said...

Yeah There were a lot of funny works.That was amazing.

Wow Thank you! I'm also your big fan;)