May 18, 2009

Yes, she can!

This is my recently work"Obama".

One day, My wife decided to make a small Magazine which feature Japanese Caricaturists.
It's called NIDO.
It might mean "master caricature"in English, Umm,,something like that.
Just like a EF "Exaggerated Features" of japanese version :)

Actually, I contributed this "Obama" to NIDO.

So she has been giving herself to make it.
I'm so exciting!


Derek Edwards said...

That's cool. How can I get a copy? Is it an oline magazine or a print magazine? I'd really like to see what's inside!

mirko said...

Nice name. In italian NIDO it mean "nest".

tomo said...

It's a print magazine.
You'll be able to get on internet.
It will be sold in July.

Wow that's good news:)
I hope it will be a great caricature's and caricaturist's

Vincenzo said...

I love that Obama!!! Looking forward to getting my hands on NIDO as well...the japanese rock!!!!

tomo said...

I'll bring NIDO to next con:)

Aaron said...

The Beatles thing is too cool for words.