Jan 21, 2009

Mechanical photographer

This work is for my friend who is a photographer.
I feel his body is mechanical.

He is model.


robb miller said...

That is very cool! Looks like it could be animated! Good work.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

That's a great one, Tomo! What is it made out of?

KEV said...

that sculpture is amazing! thats awesome tomo!

tomo said...

Thanks, folks!
This sculpture was made with cray, wire and screws.
And painted by acrylic.

I had a lot of fun:)

Joe Bluhm said...

Tomo, your sculptures are magnificent... perfect! I'll never see enough of these!

Marion said...

This is so original!!
Where did you get the inspiration?

Skim said...

sooooooooo aweeeeeesomeeeeeee

Skim said...


tomo said...

Thank you guys!

Wow, thanx Joe!
Sculpture has special charm for me.
I wish I could make short cray animation someday.

I felt that guy's behavior and voice are like the robot of tinplate.