Dec 24, 2008

New 3D Figure

This is my recently 3D figure.
It was made by clay.
This work that change to the 3D image from the 2D is so fun.
And I can get a lot of learning.


Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Great Sculptures, Tomo!

Brian Oakes said...

Those are GREAT!! Do you know these people?

tomo said...


Yes, of course!
I drew them two times.
Third, they ordered the sculptures.

Erica said...

great sculptures what kind of clay did u use?

ramanjit said...

hi tomo,
All the best in the New Year for no missed opportunity for a great work, good health, success and prosperity.

tomo said...

I used fando and resin.
I'm looking for the best one...

Thank you and you too!
Have a great year :)

Moyse said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, fantastic!!!

Happy New Year Tomo, hope you're well.

tomo said...

Happy new year Paul!
I'm looking forword to your exhibition in February.
(I wish I could be there...)
Good Luck!

Wittygraphy: Caricature Community said...

Your drawings are fantastic! First time I see caricature sculpture. Please join us at Wittygraphy is a social network to share, discuss, and promote caricatures. Participation of artists of your caliber means a lot to our community.

Edo said...

Never saw your work before but love it! very nice! like your sculptures aswell they are awesome! greets!

Meesimo said...

Wow, super awesome sculptures!