Nov 29, 2008


Nov 2008, I went to NYC and participated NCN Con that held Raleigh.
This convention gathered a lot of crazy caricaturists.

It's happy thing to do my best.


Moyse said...

Haha, that picture from Central Park is so funny! I forgot we took those. Congratulations on the new blog Tomo!

Derek Edwards said...

It's great that you've started a blog. You are one of my favorite caricature artist! 新しい作品は楽しみにしています!

Mr. Urzua said...

blog blog blog

tomo said...

Thank you!
Yeah, that is funny memories!
I'll send you those pictures soon.

Derek Edwards
Oh, Thank you so much!
Do you live in Japan?
I hope to meet you someday.

Mr. Urzua
blah bloh blog...

Derek Edwards said...

I'll probably bump into you at the Tokyo mini-con in February. I'm finishing up my training with Kage at Caricature-Japan. I love the pictures you drew of Kage, Taka, Musashi,and Sousuke. I'm new to caricatures, but the work from NCN conventions blow me away. Keep up the fantastic work.

Skim said...

you did AMAZING! :D